Christina - 'Queen Bee'

Mostly solitary due to shielding from COVID-19 but...she is the brains behind the brick.

Key Skills: Creative thinker, solution focused and super friendly.

Andrew - 'Drone'

In-House construction expert, super selling Manc and seeker of adventures.

Key Skills: Ageing but still agile, he wears 3 stripes so we decided to keep him!

Alice - 'Worker Bee'

Responsible for creative artwork and generally does everything else that's thrown at building a website...

Key Skills: Fantastically creative, reliable and strategic...which is exactly why we need her!

Kim - 'Worker Bee'

Social media support and supplier of creative ideas.

Key Skills: Ridiculously funny which is great for team morale and always diplomatic.

Talullah - 'Dog'

Motivation builder and emotional support.

Key Skills: Sleeps for long periods of time and inspires the team to get outside and walk!